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RE: 2017 College Track & Field Open Coaching Positions Discussion

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[quote]As the World Turns... wrote:Oh for God's sake. It's just college sports, and DIII at that. In the end, it doesn't affect the rising and setting of the sun. FWIW, my perspective is from having competed on one of the best college track and field teams of all time, and having been a college coach. At the time you think it's A BIG DEAL! But as life goes on, well, not so much.

This kind of logic could be applied to essentially anything that isn't a literal life and death situation. These young men and women spend more time with their coach, and more time at practice than they will with their parents, or their professors, or in any individual classes, over the course of these 4 years. By any external measure, the coach was doing an excellent job and produced both results and a positive team atmosphere. Who are you to judge how these young adults respond to a major shift in one of the most significant aspects of their current lives?

2224867845 wrote:Not only that, but it is clear from the wording of the petition that no one really knows why he was fired. And unless they do, they should keep quiet.

I know everyone thinks no administrator knows anything about anything, but you don't let a successful, seemingly beloved, coach go without good reason. Certainly not for some petty bickering with a colleague.

Use your heads, people. There have been so many cases like this over the years...where god's latest gift to the profession disappears at the height of his/her powers. Only later does the world find out there was a damn good reason.

I wish everyone involved all the best. Including this coach, who is obviously talented.

So you're saying the AD could have fired him for completely idiotic reasoning, but the kids would still have no cause to complain, so long as they're never told the reason for the firing?

If the coach actually did something inappropriate, its even MORE important that the reasoning for his firing comes out so he doesn't get hired somewhere else and get caught up in the same situation, as well as to ensure the misdeeds aren't being covered up from potential victims or others involved.

In my experience, college athletics is exactly the type of place where stupid crap like 'petty bickering with a colleague' and favoritism can run rampant in hirings and firings.[/quote]i'm pretty sure he's saying that you can't eliminate the possibility that the coach did something dumb that couldn't be overlooked. he also said use your head.

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