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dunes runner
RE: talent = times and championships

Do you have some bias for Chinese or something?

Forgive me for asking but you raise so many questions for this 10000 meters, a normal result based on other events, yet seem to accept the marathon times done by Radcliffe with no question?

This is very strange yes?

The women's marathon record is within 8 percent of the men, whereas WJ's 10000 meters is more than 12 percent of the men's?

And don't give me that body fat thing. The marathon is only just over 2 hours, and not something like an all day or all week running distance, where something like that might have more usefulness. Anyway the serious long event 6 day records are still held by men, by a similar margin as the ones on the track. Regardless of that the marathon is not that long to have such a difference from body fat.

And it is not the body fat that counts, but the fat that is stored inside of the muscle fibers where that fat energy can be used.

Another item as regards talent, we see much talent in the U.S! All runners going very fast for short distances, but lazy in training and not so good at longer ones. For example the marathon had far more depth 30 years ago than now.

So runners can have some speed and run pretty good on 30 miles a week BUT SO WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!

What could have, should have, might have been, "if only", that means nothing.

Only what you do is what counts.

Well Wang Junxia did it. That's what counts.

Also your argument about the 14:26 simply shows, in my opinion, that Wang had the ability to break 29 minutes for the 10k. Then the record would be more in line with other events and more realistic with women's capabilities.

So the 14:26 is no surprise. Wang ran 3:51.9 and 8:05.4 remember!!! The real surprise is no other women below 30 minutes so far!

Why not? That is what I find to be very strange.

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