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RE: Is Rupp the most genetically gifted white distance runner ever?

Stupid Comparisons wrote:

[quote]Food_for_Trolls wrote:
Absolutely. If anyone can let me know if Rupp or Webb (or any of the other white guys) could run and win an Olympic even at 113 degrees temperature and the next day come and win another one. Or running the 1500 and 5000 within an hour and establishing world records on both during a qualifying race for a country, then come to the Olympics and win both events within 2 hours, one day later win his qualifying heat for another race and a day later win another event at 113 degrees followed by another gold less than 24 hours later.

I am talking about Paavo Nurmi. Webb and Rupp are mice genetically speaking compared to Nurmi.

So now you bring some ancient runner in comparison to a modern day runner. How's like trying to compare Otto Graham or Sammy Baugh with Tom Brady. Lol. So lets play this stupid game: For one, Rupp has smoke all Nurmi's times, especially the 5 & 10 by huge margins. Secondly, Rupp's had to face far tougher competition in the "dime a dozen" superbly genetically gifted Kenyans & Ethiopians. Rupp's Bronze in London against the Ethiopians is huge for a non-African runner in the 10000 in this era of African dominance. You should be on top of that.

What's next? Are you going to start comparing Rupp's marathon talent with that of Pheidippides? 😅[/quote]

If we are talking of the most genetically gifted WHITE distance runner Of ALL TIMES, it means we have to include Nurmi and those old timers, otherwise reformulate the question to..."Is Rupp the most genetically gifted white distance runner TODAY?". huge difference, right? Can you process that? Let me train your little mind kid, (You must be a juvenile right?) It is absurd to compare times when science and training methods were not even advanced. Not to mention shoes, track surface, temperature etc. in addition these "ancient" athletes did not ran for a living, they had day jobs too. We are talking about having the genetic built to be a superb athlete in all conditions. Nurmi proved that beyond any doubt. Rupp? He will melt at 113 temperature for a 5k event. Obviously you don't even know who Paavo Nurmi was. Go do yourself a favor, check his biography carefully and his accomplishments. He could run in cold weather, hot weather, rain, sleet, multiple events. Educate yourself. Have a freak like Nurmi be alive today with all the advances in training methods science and technology, and dedicated only to running, Rupp will be eating his dust. Heck, he would be giving hell to the Kenyans. These "ancient" athletes could care less if it was hot or not nor could care less how separated their events were, they were warriors, not commercial domestiques, and they had day jobs.

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