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Antonio Cabral
RE: 800m is tough
More than to question 29:31 Junxia – this is already done – I want to use the Junxia case to do my opinion about what I consider a talent runner, male or female. In my opinion in long distance events, if you take 2 runners with similar performances standards, the one that have more talent is the one that trains less – volume or intensity or both.
In this my line of conclusion, if that´s true that Junxia did what she did simply based in that monster training programme, she isn´t so talent as most of you say. In that my conclusion Paula Radcliffe or Fernanda Ribeiro or any other that trains less than Junxia they are more talented than Junxia, then the myth that´s to think that statistical probability that Junxia is very talent because among 200 billion people ther´s super talent is also a weak argument.
If te Chinese women, to do what they did they needed to train so hard that´s because they weren´t such great talents. the one that trains less is the talented one.

But concerning your post arguments. For me nothing that you say about Ron Clark or anything else is related/compared with Junxia´s outstanding 29:31. Of course that Ron Clark did 27:39.89 WR, but he also did 27:49.4 and also 27:54.0. Besides he also did 13:16WR. If you use that simple and empiric system that´s to calculate the 10000m 2X5000m PB+50-60seconds, then you have for Ron Clark 2X13:16+50-60sec=26:32+60s=27:32. Yes I believe that a 13:16 may do 27:30. He isn´t the only one to do have that 2X5000m+60s ratio and since the long distances that improved in the recent years, few years later Belgian Emiel Puttemans and Viren and many other broke Ron Clark performances.

Now use the same operation to Junxia 29:31 calculation based in his 14:51 5000mPB.

Hard to believe what she did that knowing that she did the last 5000m of that 29:31 in 14:26. If that´s an outstanding performance, never seen in the world of athletics our first cool analytical reaction that´s to doubt, not to accept in ignorance. In my opinion both of all the rest of the arguments - her talent or her training/massage/life style/motivation, that aren´t enough to justify that performance and that doesn´t fit in my logic and running knowledge. I´ve seen nothing compared to that. May the Mexico City Bob Beamon 8.90 long jump that we know that is done in altitude that helps the jumps.

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