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Antonio Cabral
RE: 800m is tough
Diego Marathona

Let´s forget for a moment the question that´s if Junxia took drugs or don´t and let´s just think about the fact that she did 29:31 in 1993.

First your mistake that´s to use an all time ranking. With this we may think that Junxia only did a run 30 seconds faster than Paula´s 30:01. But this is to use the results as manipulation. By take a look for the all time ranking and if we follow your arguments (that Paula might have something close to 29:45). But this is an untrue, Why? for 2 reasons: First you can´t relate real performances - 29:31 to Junxia - to hypothetic perfromances 29:45 for Radcliffe. But second and more important reason is that you can´t relate performances done in different periods. You can´t relate a 1993 performance to a 2002, a 9 years later result.

To have a real insight of what Junxia did WHEN she did the WR let´s use the all time ranking when she did that WR

29:31.78 Junxia Wang CHN 09 01 1973 1 Beijing 08 09 1993
30:13.37 Huandi Zhong CHN 28 06 1967 2 Beijing 08 09 1993
30:13.74 Ingrid Kristiansen NOR 21 03 1956 1 Oslo 05 07 1986
30:23.25 Ingrid Kristiansen 1 Stuttgart 30 08 1986
30:57.21 Olga Bondarenko RUS 02 06 1960 2 Stuttgart 30 08 1986
31:03.62 Kathrin Wessel GER 14 08 1967 1 Frankfurt-am-Main 30 06 1991

Now this is a real ranking that we may understand what Junxia did in that day.
She did a WR by 42 seconds. Now i can use the same arguments than you - she did a solo run, with no pacer help with no challenge competition, she did that in a national competition.
Despite that acoording some of you - Renato and Dunes - she is very talented runner i don´t think so.
You say that´s no surprise what she did, but she did run 10000m several occasions but she never did BEFORE or AFTER no more 10000m runs that are close to his 29:31 close to 30 seconds. She also never did a 5000m run faster than 15:00. Now in the second 5000m of that 10000m run she did 14:26 which would be not just 5000m WR by 22 seconds at that time (14:48 for Zola Budd) as the second 5000m would be Junxia 5000m PB (14:512.8 in 1996 by Junxia).
If you take a look to all runners that are close to Junxia performace - those that you use for the All time ranking and you classified the standard (category) of the performances of that runners, in 1500m, 5000m, and half marathon and marathon - most of them are of relate category, but Junxia 29:31 is out of any other performance in all other events - even for those that were distance events in the championship or olympics erlier on and that Junxia did also run in several occasions (1500m, 3000m, 5000m).

Now the same argument that may be most of you don´t agree with me.May be you think that Junxia is a good runner - but i don´t think so. I think that Paula Radcliffe or Ingrid Kristiansen are better than Junxia. Paula she is able to be close to Junxia 10000m performances, but bettrre in 3000m, 5000m and marathon than Junxia - with less traiuning volume than Junxia.
If you want to know the real talent of a runner relate to another one you need to see which of them trains less, not more. The one that trains less and do similar performances is the best one.

Fernanda Ribeiro that i know so well - 14:36,45 WR and 30:22.88 - olympic winner over Junxia and world champ 3 times, silver olympic, bronze olympic of course that she is a greater natural talent than Junxia. You may argue that Junxia did win some runs against the chinese boys. But if that´s true what you say that after join Ma Juren she did that 40kilos a day/hard training programme, then she is no good at all ! Meanwhile Fernanda Ribeiro did 63min in his race debut with 13 years old. That´s no mistake - 13 years old in Nazare Half Marathon. She winned over Rosa Mota an olympic marathon winner. Buit what´s more fantastic is that she did that with no training sessions. May be you don´t belive but she did that. Simply the perfdormance isn´t consider because according IAAF that´s illegal to run an half marathon before you are a senior runner. Then the result is not in the rankings.
But let me say more about this. She did all titles, but she is very lazzy - she never did more than 100-120kilos a week - may be in a exceptional week in a 20 years career she did more than 140kilos in rare occasions. I know that she is hardly convinced to train in the morning - she rests in bed untill 10:30 AM, and she hates to double. This is the reason that i don´t need to look to 2000millions chineese people to know female runners best than Junxia. But even if i imagine that Fernanda would be able to run 200 to 300kilos a week she would be able to run 29:31. Never. No way.

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