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dunes runner
RE: Chinese athletes

Sure I know many strange things happen all over the world (and in this forum hehe). That doesn't mean they happen everywhere, so we have to look at each case individually.

In the case of the track, Wang Junxia's 10000 meters was televised, so everyone knows it was 25 laps. And the track has been measure so it is known that the track is 400 meters. And they didn't rebuild the track overnight. Okay. So Wang Junxia ran the 25 laps of the 400 meters track, which is 10000 meters.

I see you are coming up with many possibilities for something to not happen, that did happen. Okay I can see your possibilities are feasible BUT is that what really happened. No. The race was 25 laps, the track was 400 meters, she didn't have wheels on her feet, and no saber or electronic device on her arms.

So that's a lot of speculation, but what happened is she ran the 10000 meters and broke the old record, which is excellent!

You ask me about the blood doping situation, so I understand you agree all the other drugs have a PROFIT motive that drives them. And I expect you think some doctor does the blood doping for free? Or an athlete just figures this out in the living room while watching TV and does this with no doctor or medical intervention? Well then maybe every single person does this? You must have more knowledge of this because I don't know of any athlete who just sits watching TV and then gets up to blood dope for awhile while going to the kitchen for a snack!!!!

However let's assume this method is correct, and done with no doctor or other kind of profit motive from drugs, the way they make a huge profit with selling epo. For example I know where some physicians charge more than $1300 for one shot like this to the elderly, which is very big profit for them!!!!!!!

Sure I am aware that blood doping exists.

But it does not concern me.

I am satisfied that using natural means is the very best, and no medical intervention can ever come close to this.

From my own experience of more than 30 years using herbs, similar to the Chinese, I am convinced the results are FAR SUPERIOR to that of western medical intervention, which has very POOR results indeed. Also the Chinese have many thousands of years experience using these natural means, whereas I have only 30, so they have much better access and knowledge than we do.

If you think some single person sitting in a living room and then thinks "okay I will blood dope tonight" can create all this false hysteria then you are welcome to your opinion.

However it is rather obvious to me that such hysteria and bad thinking is created by the drug companies for their profits.

I am not concerned with such things BECAUSE I am not concerned with their profits!!!

Now anyone who buys into their hypocrisy is simply helping them to get richer, while more people get sick and die, but this is a DRUG ISSUE -- not an athletics issue.

I have no interest to make any drug companies richer.

You see.

My interest is for athletics, training and performance.

Then you bring up about crimes, like murder and robbery, to which I will say this. Murder, robber, causing physical harm to another, macdonald's, american food, drug companies, false advertising, drug tests and promotion, crazy thinking = very bad.

On the other hand, training, using good diet, sleep, massage, herbs, natural eating, mountains, clean air, clean water, focus on self, i.e. what we can do, not what someone else did, etc = very good.

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