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A Global Approach
Dear Wejo and Rojo:
Here's a subtle rebuttal of your Sub2 position:

If he'd run 2:06, sure, get on with the chest thumping opprobrium of Kipchoge and his evil corporate backer, but he fricken ran 2:00:25; he almost did it mate! A human being is therefore ballpark; he's incredible, but most likely 40. When the next Bekele comes along, he will head to the marathon young.

Think also about the mix of talented Africans, desperate poverty in these countries and Svengali European agents who see opportunity in every nook and cranny of rural Africa. T&F is dirty and corrupt, but compared to the 'real world' there's nothing extraordinary about this. We just become incensed when our little source of escapism becomes polluted with the harsh realities of real life.

Think about the perceived need for the world at large to breaks barriers.

Our sport's entire existence (and I don't think it is good, or right) depends on this kind of barrier being broken. That article on T&F on your homepage unfortunately reflects the real perception of our sport by mainstream America - if you don't believe me go ask a sorority house who Matt Centrowitz is.

I'm not saying it will happen tomorrow, but your argument as to why it would take 20 years has more holes in it than the Russian anti doping program. Who would have predicted the 5/10 WRs dropping to 12:44 and 26:43 in 1992, after 15 years of almost complete stagnation.

Whether it's a new drug, technology, exploitation of Monza like setups, reluctant rule bending of governing bodies to appease corporate drivers or - and we can dare to dream, right? - the next Bekele like super talent going to the marathon young, it will happen well before 20 years; society just won't wait that long, these kids need success yesterday!

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