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Antonio Cabral
RE: Chinese athletes

dunes runner wrote:

When you talk about wheels and 24 laps, you must know you are dreaming.

Dunes, i´m not dreaming, i ALSO WITNESSED 10000m runs with 24 laps. Once it happens with me, and in the end when a tem fellow calls my attention for it, despite that my performance have no interest (a poor one) i need TO DISCUSS and to claim to the jury that they are wrong, they don´t want to consider that my performance illegal !
Ok, i may admit that the wheels are a good example, but see, i´ve seen Portuguese records done in short track - 394 meters track, i´ve seen a world record in a marathon short distance, i´ve seen so many things. Once in the 1972 olympic games in the fencing sport, someone did use something similar to my wheel example. in the sabre competition he used a special electric trick to win the fights without touch the adversary. Of course that the public and the jury they didn´t knew that, only close to the in the end they did understand. Of course that this man did go out for illegality. That´s what i want to try to make you understand - that sometimes there are illegal means that we ignore and that may be condemn.

You didn´t answer me about my question - if the drugs in the sports are a company profit matter, then what´s the company that sells self-blood doping - or you aren´t aware that self blood doping it exists simply because you never saw that, you never witnessed?

Dunes, both your ideas that you never witness then that´s not your concern - or that you aren´t able (or don´t want) to take position, and second that you are only concern with athletics and not with drugs, with all respect, both seems to me inadequate.

The use of drugs - or any illegal mean to improve the performance as blood doping - is consider by international community as against the rules and a crime as a murder or a robbery - that´s not me or you that we consider - that´s the law/the athletics rules - then that are an athletic ISSUE and concern, that´s not out of the athletics, as you try to say. Also a crime is not a athletic manifestation but you are aware as a citizen that is not good, and you side you have a negative opinion of that facts, despite that´s not athletics.

But have you witness that hard Chinese training that you base your arguments to say that Junxia may be have done what she did drug clean ? I know that you respect and you considers Carlos Lopes or what he did - also based in what he trained how he trained, but have you witness his trainings ? Then why, in one case (drugs hypothese) you confine/limit your judgement based in what you witness, and in another cases you make your opinion and judgement based in what you have read and you aren´t a direct testimony?

Why so, because you are a coach expert ? Then let the medicine experts decide and make the opinions about if the drugs that works or that don´t. In several situations i think like you - out of the mainstream. But i don´t want that my outsider opinion changes to a be the mainstream. I guess that in most of the cases you aren´t able to prove that a drug is not effective to improve the performance.

PS - Don´t forget to answer my question; what´s the company that sells or make money with some drug types, as the self-blood. Thanks

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