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dunes runner
RE: Chinese athletes

Who profits by the sale of some drugs? This is found by who manufactures and advertises the drugs, which is the drug companies! The athletes typically do not manufacture or advertise any drugs, and don't make any money from their sale.

Murder is certainly a crime. No I don't condone murder, of course not and, as an example, don't vote for any elected official who instigates the murder of hundreds of thousands of people.

Your question is if I pay attention to this? Yes, of course I do. It is very important and a vital issue.

Likewise the manufacture, advertising and sale of drugs is an important and vital issue. Many people are being lied to and suffering, dying every day because of such abuse from those drugs.

Now again, do the athletes produce, advertise, and sell all those drugs?


So the drug issue is one that society needs to deal with, and has nothing at all different to do with athletics.

I am very well aware of this, probably more than 99.99% of the people in the world.

So therefore if some one person takes drugs or not, is not a major issue!!!!! Because most all people no days take some drugs, which is very sad. Most all of the people talking and accusing of drugs, are taking some drugs themselves.

So why should I get all bent out of shape about that?

It is too bad, and very sad, but is a matter of choice and bad decisions that they do this, believe the drug companies then get sick and die as result from this.

All of this is a drug issue.

It is not an athletics issue.

My interest is in athletics, not in drugs.

So you see, I am not ignoring the issue. I am well aware of what is going on. But whether one person or another takes some drug is a SEPARATE ISSUE from running, training, and performance.

The problem is not that someone magically puts wheels on their ankles, as you say, but that there is an imaginary hysteria about something that does NOTHING. And this hysteria is created by the drug companies to promote and make more billions from their products that don't work.


When you talk about wheels and 24 laps, you must know you are dreaming.

Since Wang Junxia's race was televised and ALSO WITNESSED by many people, everyone knows that what she did was correct.

Also she was not wearing any wheels.

Let us be reasonable, as this is the way to see the truth of what happens

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