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Antonio Cabral
RE: Chinese athletes
We may discuss if that are the companies that create the sport drugs or if ionstead that are the result of private research investigation - that instead of turn that to the public use keep that in secrete until that´s discovered. If don´t then ask me: what company did promote self-blood doping? What company advertising fabrics that self blood doping, sells that, have profits with that? No one, but that exists and that´s a doping - as considered, and if you use you are violate the laws of the athletics law.
I think the opposite, that when they discover a new product they are very secretive about that.

Now ask me 2 more questions.

1/Ther´s a murder out there in the street, or simply a robbery. Depite we don´t know who did it, what´s the reason he did that, who he is - that means that you don´t condamne that act as crime ? That´s the same with drugs - despite i can´t prove where and when, i accuse the existence, and if i saw a man on the floor, despite i haven+´t seen the act i say i accuse that unknown man that did that, as i accuse the runner that did it.

2/Imagine that someone uses wheels in the shoes that enables runner to run faster, but no one knows or see it. Do you think that´s not an athletic issue. because running only concern to what´s tyhe performance and not the violation of the rules. Let´s remember you that despite you don´t pay attention to the drugs (you don´t considers that, and you think that´s doesn´t work, athletics that have rules that we need to respect - and the illegal substances etc. all that is against the rules. Now think that someone run a 10000m but with just 24 laps - also against the rules. As you don´t consider the drug rules why do you consider the 25 laps need ? may be he beats the WR but with 24 laps - one lap miss - but for you that´s ok. may be that you think that that wheels in the shoes, a lap less - or a drug use - all that´s is against the rule - but as you or someone thinks that doesn´t help the runner to be faster, so that´s ok, that´s a valid performance...?

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