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Heel pain
RE: Chinese athletes

Marco Veledíaz wrote:
Besides, here is what I have witnessed:
When one of my athletes gets injured, for example, a knee problem that any long distance runners might have, he has HEALED them with HIS HANDS only and their injuries have disappeared!! I know it is hard to believe and many of you will laugh at this, but it really works!!. It is hard to explain for me in this language, but what he does is to put one of his hands at the exact point of the injury, without touching the skin, breath deeply and sends a sort of energy that leaves him very tired after the session. Usually it takes several sessions to heal the injury, besides the athlete has to do a lot of exercises to strengthen the damaged zone, for example for knee injuries: one day 200 repetitions of both knees bending (90°),next day 300 reps and then increasing each day until 1000 consecutive non stop knee flexions! It has worked so far, he is against taking regular medicine prescribed by sports physicians. He has a map of the human body and has told me that everything is connected. When he is sick sometimes, he refuses to see a physician, only drinks water and fruits.
One year ago there was a small group a middle distance women athletes from Australia doing a training camp in Toluca (2700 m altitude), 50 km west of Mexico City. One of them got injured after 2 weeks of training, she felt very frustrated because had invested a lot in this camp and they were going to have their selection trials for the OG. I told their coach about this Chinese coach and suggested that he could help her with the injury. I remember very well his answer: "Marco, in the first world countries we use state of the art technology to heal injuries", I replied, "Here we have the same technology but it is holyday season and everything is closed". He replied "I have seen in 3rd. world countries they use only hot water and ice, but what is this?" I said, "I do not know either and I don’t care but it works for healing my athletes." So they –coach and athlete- were very skeptical and allowed the Chinese coach to apply his technique, she just recovered after 3 quick sessions and could finish her training camp. Lately his fame for healing athletes’ injuries has raised a lot that another athletes from other sports have just begun to look for him and is always busy healing people!! He tells me that this knowledge is common among the Chinese coaches.

I think that one can speak or write as far as his experience allows him. But the experience can not be bought or read in a book or library.

Marco Veledíaz
Mexico City

Where is this guy? I have had 8 weeks of bad bone bruise pain. Is there some American practice incorporating these Chinese healing methods?

You must admit, this sounds quite outlandish. Touching someone and "breathing energy" into them? But if it works, where can we find these types of people?

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