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Antonio Cabral
RE: Chinese athletes
Marco Veledíaz

The argument to justify the 29:30 Junxia or that the Chinese girls they train hard as they are able - a marathon a day or more, a spartan life, whatever, training several years in that regime, as i read from Renato and some other posts in this thread as they claim it, and that the chinese they claim also - for me that´s no more than a fantasy to make make us blind - like the Walt Disney´s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, beeing the Snow White (Junxia) and the Cheif of the Dwarfs - Ma Juren and their auxiliars.
Why i say so? The extreme high mileage combined with hard training that´s not new. People and coaches and medicine man and soprt physiologists they try to understand the effects of that in a medium long term duration.

In another post about the mileage issue - Renato said that he doesn´t agree with the sentence "train hard win easily". He says that´s not just the volume or the intensity that we need to consider, but to train good, correct, proper - and according his concept that means a correct balance in between mileage and intensity, and that will be wrong and a mistake to put the emphasis in one of them, in detriment of the second (the other one) and this leads that to put the empahsis in both to the extreme that´s not interesting since that both - mileage volume and speed pace intensity - that plays in the opposite training direction and acts that one enable the other - that´s to say the more miles you run the less intensity you are able to run, and vice-versa, and the contrary is also true - if you do too much intensity that enables you to run high volume mileage. I still remember that Renato, a few times he did judge super-high mileage as incorrect in some situations - ex:commenting Michelle Jazzy weekly long runs of 2h30min or longer - close to a marathon - he says that it didn´t work and that´s not effective. Don´t that Jazy is a 1500m, mile, 2000m and 5000m specialist with some of WR in that distance events, but that doesn´t constrains Renato to say that´s wrong to do so many miles in a long session.
Once Renato also comments about some of the kenyan runners that he coaches - that - instead of doing an easy recover run for some 40min after an hard workouts they like to do a long run for some 3 hours, and that he thinks that´s wrong. How he will pretend that the Chinese girls did 300 kilos a week if not doing high mileage everyday, including the day(s)/sessions(s) after the hard exigent workouts ? How do you want that this would be done ?
Once he also said that he did knew what Gerry Lindgren did super mileage - and that he disagree with that high mileage training - that´s wrong and inadequate for such a runner. Now, in the defense of the Chinese Ma Juren runners - some of you you argue that the fact why they are good and did WRs etc., and 29:30 as Junxia did, the main reaosn is also because they did 40kilos a day - high mileage, hard intensity combined programme, for several years.
But all serious experiences and real examples i know of a super-high mileage programme (that includes speed intensity as well) and for a large period - they were a failure - even for the marathon distance event.
I know some experiences with the Finns and other nordics in the late 60s early 70s that did end in failure. They were gift runners, talent runners, track runners and marathon runners or runners that do orienteering - and since they think they can improve a lot with a super mileage regime based, they get out of their jobs to train exclusively all day long in my country or spain (warm temperature in winter) or any other place. People that runs 2-3 sesions a day covering 40-50-60kilos a day in - day in. If you read the book "Finish running Secrets" from Runner´s World publication there are some testimonies of what i say. They live a spartan life, train hard and longer - they did that pionner experience and delay that for years and years ....but the expect reward results from that hard training that idn´t come as expected. I´ve seen some analysis and concrete schedules of that runners. Ok, you may argue that some of them aren´t from enoough class - despite some of them were 2:11 marathon runners or 7:50 in 3000m or 13:45 in the 5000m or 28:50 in the 10000m performance results that Junxia didn´t ! You can claim that they hadn´t enough talent. But at least some improvement would be visible. But don´t. All of then did poor performances, even in the marathon event or 100kilos events - the ones that´s good sense to think that a super-high mileage programme may work and be effective. But don´t. But that works perfect for the Chinese ! And don´t teel me that the Chinese they are willinng to have sucess. If you did knew any of this runners that tried super-high mileage esxperience - they are so motivate that they run out of their jobs to try such an experience and they lived as spartans to look for some improvement, in a kind of alienation - only train and compete matters.
I think i did justify why i think that the artgument of the Chinese high-mileage that doesn´t work for me. For me this is a "show-off" or the "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" fantasy story, and I´m also very surprised that some of you, people with a such scientific mind - you don´t question the true of that 40 kilos a day regime. No injuries? Lots of progress, a 18-20years old girl resists to that regime? All perfect. But you know what did happen with Gerry - injuries. I know what happened with those who experienced that super mileage regime. I don´t buy that one. I don´t say that´s not possible in some cases - to be done and to be effective, but not in all, no way.
As fra as i know the Chineese they are only the ones that may resist to that extremely hard mileage/hard intensity regime regime - why ? Drugs it helps a lot, not faith in the Mao´s Red book - the faith in the Red book that had just conduct to the failure - that´s true for the Chinese "cultural revolution" as well as for the competiton results.

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