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RE: Kwemoi possibly in 1500WR shape

cvxxvzc wrote:He ran under 7:29 (7:28.73) in a race that was evenly paced, but just a little slow, and closed in 55, which is fast but not so fast that you'd think he had something close to 7:22-23 in him. You continually overestimate 3k abilities


as pointed out it was too hot at 90+ & humid, worth at least coupla secs at "ideal" of ~ 70F & low humidity

that gets him to 7'26+

then the pacing was rubbish with Ronnie thru in 5'03 when komen was paced thru in 4'53 & geb once had 4'55 pacing

then, he did nothing until last lap & primarily in last 100 when he ran 13-flat !!!, looking around twice & easing off at the finish

that is 52-flat pace for his "easy" last 100

in 70F/low humidity & fast fast pace from gun where he woud have nothing left but a ~ 59-flat last lap & last 100 in 14-high, that wouda been

~ 7'22 / 7'23

& he is doing this of likely primary 1500 training !!!

7'20 is a good wr but 7'25 is nonsense time for these guys

at their peak & perfect race, Ronnie/Caleb/kjelecha are capable of 7'22/7'23 & chelimo probably about 7'23/7'24

He is surely able to run in the mid to high 12:40s and 3:27-28, given this race (worth maybe 7:27 at best) and his 1500m pr of 3:28.81, set three years ago


the heat/humidity already get him to 7'26+ & that's before consideration of rubbish slow pacing to 2k & his brutal but easy 13-flat finish

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