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A Duck Outer
RE: Wow: Ken Goe says if you believe Alberto Salazar is a doper you must also believe USADA is inept

Dope spotter wrote:

[quote]rojo wrote:

I really like Goe's work but don't agree with his logic on this one.

[quote]Ken Goe wrote:

It's hard to know whether to laugh or cry about the allegations against Salazar. They continue to linger because a two-year investigation by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency remains open while also apparently going nowhere.

At this point, if you believe Salazar is cheating or has cheated you must also believe the USADA is inept.

Here is a thought: in the absence of any actionable evidence, maybe it's reasonable to conclude he hasn't cheated.

I totally get that if it's annoying for everyone (Salazar haters and lovers) that this has gone on so long, but I don't believe that if you think Salazar has cheated you have to think USADA is inept as well simply because nothing has been proven.

I mean it's very hard to get convictions in this world. Lance Armstrong was accused of doping in 1999. He didn't get convicted until 2012. Bonds hit 70+ homers in 2001 but didn't get charged with anything until 2017.

Hell, the thing that's frustrating for me is law enforcement raided Aden's hotel in Spain last June and we've had no convictions almost a year later. Stuff is very hard to prove (and yes Aden could be clean).

Tons of athletes doped in the 1980s and 1990s and were never busted just like plenty of criminals commit crimes and never get bused. How often do I speed and never get busted? All the time.

Here is the full article.[/quote]

You and your band of message board losers (and your profit center I should add) would have no trouble "convicting" Salazar or other "dopers" with your superior Cornell affiliation[/quote]

^A Duck Outed

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