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RE: 800m is tough
To say that a record is unbeatable is stupid. It may take several years, even several decades, for some of these records to be broken, but they will be broken. It is arrogant to believe the current records are invincible.

Next, people say that Alberto J., who has a fast 400 time, would run sub 1:41 if he improved aerobically. His 400 to 800 ratio is not good (or not as good as you say Coe's was), so you think he just needed to do more aerobic work and he'd still have the record. WRONG. If Alberto J. did more aerobic training, and therefore did less anaerobic training, he would lack the sheer lactic power that a 400 meter requires. His 400 PR would therefore be a little slower, maybe 44.5-45.5 instead of in the 43's. His ratio would decline a lot (a second slower in the 400, a second faster in the 800 = ratio a lot smaller). But, see, then he'd be like every other 800 runner out there with a 45.0 PR. What you need is SPECIFIC endurance relative to your event. Developing the solid aerobic foundation and the foundation of pure power and speed are both very important, but they are not an end. A faster 400 time does not equal a faster 800 time. You can't assume you will maintain the same ratio once you get that faster 400 time. Say, you run 50 and 1:52 (56), a ratio of 2.24. Then you improve your 400 time to 49. You can't then assume you will maintain the little magic ratio of 2.24 and run 1:49+.

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