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Cranjis McBasketball
RE: 3200m strategy?
I am assuming you are a HS runner based on your times and the fact it is a 3200m.

First of all, know your limits and don't be afraid to push them a bit (within reason). For example, if you are confident that you are in 11:10 shape, don't be afraid to go out with a pack running 10:50 pace but I would of course avoid going out with a pack running 10:00 pace. With that being said, here is a basic strategy for the 3200m:

First 1200 (Laps 1-3): make sure to position your self with a pack running a pace reasonable to your skill level. I would recommend going out in the 10:50 to 11:20 pace range if i were you. Be sure to get out hard enough in the first 50-100m so you don't get caught up in the pack. For these first 3 laps, focus on staying with the pack you are with while trying to use as little energy as possible. Anyone can run the first 1200.

200-2400 (Laps 4-6): This is where it will start to hurt a bit. Force yourself to get through these 3 laps. tell yourself the race is over once you complete these laps. Focus on holding your pace. It will feel like you are speeding up a bit to hold your pace due to fatigue. Be sure to pass people who are falling off the pace.

2400-2800 (Lap 7): Once you get to 800 to go, pick up the pace considerably but don't kick yet as there is still 2 laps to go. Just keep telling yourself "a little faster." Pass people who are slowing down.

2800- 3200 (Lap 8): Give it everything you got! Make your you finish this race saying you gave it your all and you could not have ran any faster this lap. Once you get to the distance you are comfortable kicking from, kick as hard as possible. Be sure to use you arms for an arm pumping, adrenaline filled kick. Once you think you are at max speed, tell yourself you have 1 more gear and dig deep to find it. Focus on running as many people down as possible.

If you follow this, you should be fine. the most important part of this plan is laps 4-6. The better these laps are, the chances of you running as fast as you can increase dramatically. These laps is where your PR is made rather than the last 2 laps.

Let us know how the race goes!

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