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Sir Lance-alot
RE: Thanks Tinman

demblackjustdoinwhatcomenatura wrote:
And the only problem with that is your beloved theory prover got smoked by a white European from Italy!

And the only problem with YOUR attempted refutation of my theory is, that you failed to read my earlier post. I suggest you read it again. I previously wrote:

"And as far as the argument of: 'hey, sometimes a non-African nation produces a runner[such as Craig Mottram OR.....BALDINI.....] that can compete with the Africans on his best days, therefore East Africans are NOT more talented than non-East Africans' goes, what about this counter argument:
sometimes there is a female runner, like Paula Radcliffe, than can compete with international level MALE marathoners (from non-East African nations) on HER best day. When Paula ran her 2:15, wasn't she faster than ANY male in England that year?!?! And how many US runners do better than 2:15 each year??? Very few. SO........does Paula's great accomplishment mean that men are NOT genetically, ON THE AVERAGE, more talented than women at running?? Of course it does not mean that. The point is, there will always be exceptions to all rules, but such exceptions don't CHANGE or ERASE the rule. And the rule is: East Africans are more talented at distance running, on the average, than non-African runners." you think Paula Radcliffe proves that women are not ,ON THE AVERAGE, genetically less endowed at phyiscal endeavors than men?? Does Paula prove that women are soon to the be ='s of men in distance running?? No, she does not (she DOES prove that the BEST women kick kick 99.9% of men's butts though, and that women may close the gap more in their performances compared to men). She is an exceptional case. Same with Baldini or Mottram. Do they prove that, ON THE AVERAGE, non- East AFricans can be as good as East Africans in distance running??? Of course not. There are always exceptions. Jeremy Warniner is an exception, and Pietro Mennea was exception: whites that can be at the top of the sprinting world, an area where peoples of WEST African heritage dominate. Do people REALLY think that whites could be be better in sprints in blacks if they just..........what?..... didn''t play baseball or something?!?! Or they are "culturally averse" to running fast/sprining??? That would be a good one!

It's no different in distance running: certain people have more talent than others, and there is a distance-running talent-pool of unimagineable (until recently) richness in East Africa. It's been tapped........and what a keg party it's been since!

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