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Mexican coach
RE: Thanks Tinman
"Too many times athletes that can be better in longer distances waste a lot of years for very little improvement in the same event, and, when are already old and consumpted, decide to move directly to Marathon. This is, of sure, one of the reasons because European and American runners are no more competitive in 5000/10000 with the Africans."
A question for Renato Canova, Antonio Cabral, Tinmann and the distance gurus on this board:

Then, WHEN is the proper TIMING to move up to the distance events (5000 and 10,000 m) for an athlete with a progression like this:

Mexican athlete born at Mexico City (2240 m altitude) lives and trains there.

Year Age 800 m 1500 m
97 14 2:16.50 4:38.19
98 15 2:09.00 4:17.32
99 16 2:01.33 4:07.41
00 17 1:52.64 3:48.90
01 18 1:49.54 3:44.63
02 19 1:49.29 3:42.00
03 20 1:50.52 3:43.01
04 21 1:48.43 3:39.28

He started running at 9 years old, so his base totals 12 years of organized training or like you say "building his aerobic house" . As part of his aerobic development for this season he ran 10 km on road in 29:45 and 13:58, feels very confortable at the long distances. Trains on average 120-130 km /week.
We have made some tests to calculate his anaerobic thershold in laboratory on a treadmill:
October 28, 2004 he reached
20 km/h (3:00/km) 4.2 mmol lactate at 179/min HR
February 24, 2005 same test
20 km/h (3:00/km) 3.1 mmol lactate at 164/min HR

His best 400 m time is 50.0 and 49 seg in relay races (4x4)
Height 174 cm/wt_67.6 kg
HR at rest: 39/min

Should we direct the training to improve his speed at 800 (1:46-1:47) and 1500 m (3:35-3:36)while maintaining the aerobic capacity? or try the 5000m and try to reach a 13:28.0 ("B" standard for IAAF WC)? He has no experience at 5000 m.

What is your opinion?

Marco Velediaz
Mexico City

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