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idiots delight
RE: Morgan Uceny Retires

Sprintgeezer wrote:

[quote]Dragon Runner wrote:

And here's a question for you geezer: Who do you respect less, Solinsky or Uceny?


Late in his career, IIRC Solinsky seemed to come around a bit. I think he did a lot of growing while he was out. IIRC he was saying the right things and thinking the right way. He had a sort of redemption in character, but it was too late for him to achieve redemption on the track.

I don't remember Uceny having made good, although she might have. Show me where and I will give credit if and where credit is due.

As it stands, to my memory she's a colossal loser, a quitter, a crybaby, a nothing. I know 4-year-old's with more guts than her. She doesn't even have the guts to admit things to herself. It's never her fault, you know. Some things are indefensible.

If I never see her again it will be too soon.

For every LOSER like Uceny there is a winner like Heather Kampf (Dorniden), who earned the opportunity to run with Grace, Mackey, and Martinez to set the 4x1500 US record, taking 2nd place behind a WR-setting Kenyan performance. Yes I know that Uceny handily beat Kampf on the track at 2016 trials, but that doesn't matter--Uceny was still the loser.

Look at Martinez, got clipped hugely in the trials 800...did she give up? Hell no. EVEN MONTANO finished the race.

Finish the race and cry afterwards...or cry while finishing the race. BUT FINISH THE RACE.

How one responds to adversity is revealing of character. Sure she was hurt, sure she was mad, sure she was sad, sure she was frustrated, whatever. Who cares. So were Dorniden, Martinez, and others.

Morgan Uceny, what a joke. Good thing she was in an individual sport like track.

No, her various unfortunate events do not constitute the entirety of her character. But neither can they be dismissed. As this IS a track board, I restrict my comments to her character on the track.[/quote]

You sir are just an old bitter prick that your running career passed you by long ago and I would assume from your attitude never achieved what you may have thought was greatness as a failed hack on the track.
She had great career. She can be proud.
You know when its time, when you have done your best and are ready to move on in life.

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