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RE: Mr. Renato Canova: Could You Please Answer a Question About Effective Ways to Improve the Lactate Threshold?

Renato Canova wrote:
I'm sure that, with the talent of many Africans, the current World Records are really WEAK.

Renato, your explanation is good, but the above I cannot imagine.

Speaking in absolute terms, the world records are mind boggling. On this board there are many serious runners from all over the world who have trained 1,000's of miles and have talent, and even among this huge pool of athletes, the times are incredible:

800- 1:41.11, Wilson Kipketer, 50.55 seconds per lap

1,500- 3:26.00, Hicham El Guerrouj, 54.93 seconds per lap

Mile- 3:43.13, Hicham El Guerrouj, 55.78 seconds per 440 yards

3,000- 7:20.67, Daniel Komen, 58.76 seconds per lap

2 miles- 7:58.61, Daniel Komen, 59.83 seconds per 440 yards

5,000m- 12:37.35, Kenenisa Bekele, 60.59 per lap, 4:03.77 per mile

10,000m- 26:20.31, Kenenisa Bekele, 63.21 per lap, 4:14.33 per mile

15K- 41:29, Felix Limo, 4:27 per mile

20K- 56:18, Paul Tergat (split to half marathon), 4:31.81 per mile

Half Marathon- 59:06, Paul Tergat (also ran 58:51 on course 49m short, and 59:17 on allowable elevation drop), 4:30.49 per mile

25K- 1:12:45, Paul Kosgei, 4:40.99 per mile

Marathon- 2:04:55, Paul Tergat, 4:45.86 per mile

Looking, for instance, at the records 3K-5K, we are talking 4:00 MILE PACE OR FASTER for SEVERAL MILES!

It was only a short time ago, relatively speaking (1954), that Bannister ran 3:59.4 for the first time EVER.

And now, people are running 4:03 per mile for OVER THREE MILES.

I cannot comprehend how this can be considered "soft."

Even if people can improve these records, that does not mean they are "weak." Bekele, Shaheen, El Guerrouj, etc. are suffering when they get these. World records are once or twice in a lifetime performances (or, rarely, as in Gebrselassie's case, 17 times in a lifetime). As an example, I have watched El Guerrouj declare a "world record attempt" almost every time he has ever raced a 1500m or a mile in the last 4-5 years. There are many 3:28's, 3:29's, and great wins and performances.

But 3:26.00? He ran that in 1998, and he never again beat it. So if El Guerrouj's performance is "weak" what is strong?

In the marathon, Tergat runs 4:45 per mile for 26.2 miles. Simply, that is incredible.

And I must guess you are speaking more specifically about the 10,000m.

Again, in absolute terms, this is 2 5,000m's, without stopping, in 13:10.15 apiece. There are even Kenyans and Ethiopians who cannot run that fast FOR ONE 5,000 METERS.

To do it for two is mind boggingly, not weak.

About the programmes of Nicholas, no secrets. You must have patience. I had all the training of my athletes in a computer that a thief robbed me in Nairobi the 31st of January 2004. Of course, I have all their workouts in my books, but I had not time, till now, to write in ordered way their training. In my computer I had already everything ok, because I used these in some seminary. There were also the analysis of every month. Now, I have to rebuild everything, but at the moment my time is very little. But, if you want, I can send in short time the programmes really done by Albert Chepkurui (Ahmed Hassan) during this winter (he took the bronze in long cross) and also something regarding the new guy Gamal (former Kipkemoi Katui) that, in his first competition, was n. 5 in short and n. 12 in long cross in WCCCh.

That would be very interesting to see Hassan's programs.

I am sorry to hear that you were robbed. Did the airport attempt to help you retrieve the stolen bag?

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