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sucka busta
RE: Mr. Renato Canova: Could You Please Answer a Question About Effective Ways to Improve the Lactate Threshold?
Racer1,You frame yourself as a high and mighty holy than thou type of person.

"1. Go to Kenya and train with the athletes. Watch them work and watch them compete without drugs. Install video cameras in the team rooms if you must. Then you will see that Bekele and Sihine, doing 7K time trials at altitude passing 5K in 13:22, do it off hard work and nothing more."

That is funny I thought Bekele and Sihine were Ethiopian. I guess you know more about them than we all thought. No doubt that top athletes will be running fast. I don't think I ever made any comment on which athletes are and aren't using drugs. Just the idea that many top athletes are using drugs. That is a fact in our sport and the number of drugs suspension only confirms it.

2. "Genetics? You frame this as though one is "cheating" based on the endurance qualities bestowed them by their parents."

I guess you are a mind reader too. How would one get that idea that by genetics I mean cheating. My whole idea is that they may superior from birth. So it hard to compete against that. If they were only competing against slow losers like you they wouldn't need the drugs at the top level. They drugs to compete against geneticly better athletes.

3. "Grow up. Spend some time doing something more with your life than maligning strangers who have accomplished more than you can ever dream of. You are despicable for what you say and sadly, you do not even see it."

At this point I am just maligning you and that way too fun. Plus I doubt an idiot like you has accomplished much. If so why not put your real name up here. I don't claim to have accomplished anything. But looking at your posts onhere you don't know anything more than I about training.

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