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RE: IMAGINE IF WHITE, Heterosexual, PROTESTORS... Blocked minority, gay, students from going to class...

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Yes, I would be just as upset. Someone shouldn't be discriminated against for their sexual orientation or skin color. Is that really hard for you to understand?

I understand that. I'm just wondering where your outrage was when this kind of discrimination was going on against minority groups, which has always been the case (we have had one non-white president in history; we will have had one female president in history by next year). I don't know you; maybe you've been campaigning against discrimination for years. But from where I'm sitting, it looks like you are only against discrimination when you're the one being discriminated against. That's what I was trying to highlight.

As an aside, I'd be willing to bet against your initial statement. The Republican nominee for president is a straight white male this year, and the Democrats nearly nominated a straight white male this year (and it was the more-liberal Democrats who were trying to get him nominated).[/quote]

I did not make an "initial statement". This is only my 2nd post in this thread. There is no "from where you're sitting". You just twist things to fit your narrative. People should be judged by their actions not their irrelevant physical or social categories.

The only people being discriminated and racist against these days (from what the media shows us) is straight white males. They are the minorities now.[/quote]
Oops! Sorry, I thought you were the poster I was responding to the first time. That's whose initial statement I thought was a bad bet. My bad.

Anyway, I don't think I'm twisting things to fit a narrative, just as I'm sure you don't think you're twisting things to fit a narrative. We agree that people should be judged by their actions, I think we've just each seen/experienced discrimination against different groups. You haven't seen discrimination against anyone except straight white males; I've seen less against that group than against other groups. I disagree that straight white males are minorities now, because they still hold a lot of power left over from back when people were not standing up against them (and, mathematically, because there are more straights than gays, more white Americans than any other ethnic group, and as many men as women). Maybe we're seeing media reports on discrimination against straight white males because it's so out of the ordinary, whereas discrimination against the groups traditionally thought of as minorities is so normal that it's not newsworthy.

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