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The Juice
RE: Liar Liar

Trinity1976 wrote:

[quote]dervil wrote:
for our delectation Trinity, could you please copy and paste here what you wrote.

It is already on this thread a few pages back, but here it is again:

"I don't know whether to be amused or exasperated by some of the comments below. I thought once the results of the investigation came out, that all the people who had been taken for mugs would just shrink away out of embarrassment, but apparently I underestimated just how 'special' Rob Young fans can be. Someone on another thread mentioned that this seems like some sort of cult. That's a pretty good analysis. Even when presented with conclusive evidence of his cheating some fans are still unable to accept that their 'running God' could possibly be capable of this. I guess the two sports science experts that Skins hired must just be 'jealous haters' then? Like the rest of us who won't tolerate cheating in our sport. And the pathological liar himself remains on form as always, lying to the end, his real talent being as a skilled manipulator. No doubt he will land on his feet in whichever walk-of-life he chooses next - his sort always do. There will always be conmen as long as there are gullible people like you lot. But his 'career' in running is over."[/quote]

We've seen these cult tards before with the Lance Armstrong thing. They're not going away. It's a mental illness 100%.

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