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John Coctostan
RE: apersson recants

Frank Spinner wrote:

[quote]ultralister wrote:

Apersson recanted on the ultralist. Not sure if he has posted here in awhile, but at least one of Rob\'s defenders has seen the light.

\"I\'m sure everyone is sick of this subject by now but I feel I owe some sort
of apology. Not sure exactly what for, naivety I guess. Early on in the
saga I waded in with a cobbled together defense based on the few times I
had run with RY. It didn\'t take too long for me to realise that people who
knew a lot more about the subject were showing how it could not have been
possibly legit, so I decided to take my own advice and shut up until it was
all over. In the meantime I was doing some research along with others to
see if we could find verification for the sleepless 373 run, of which I had
run 60 miles up to the 350 point. Ironically, it was digging deep into that
run that convinced me it had to be fake too. Crews from early parts of the
run (at least the first 200 miles) were impossible to track down, no strava
data available and various other factors pointed to it not being a
legitimate run. I know that many on here question the worth of such
\'records\' anyway, but for me it had been something I was fascinated by, so
I had offered to support. Although what I\'ve said will probably be of no
surprise to people, most of the discussion at the time seems to have
centred around the validity of such records, what constitutes sleep and
whether Kouros\'s throwaway noisy planes comment meant he should hold it
anyway. There seems to have been little questioning of whether it had
actually happened as stated at all. How easily we, or rather some of us,
can be fooled!

Anyway I have come out of it maybe a little wiser and happy to have
discovered this list and had some good exchanges with people on here. I
don\'t know if my own JOGLE run counts as a journey run but although I am an
Englishman and it was for charity, there were no records or crowdfunding
involved and I have absolutely no backstory to speak of. So I\'m hoping that
whoever Laz votes for will still allow me into the country one day.

I feel more sorry for Rob than angry although that\'s 60 miles of my life
I\'ll never get back. I reckon he started off with good intentions but got
addicted to the adulation. I hope he gets the help he needs to get through
the mess he has created.\"

Oh dear - looks like his \'longest run without sleep\' was total BS too. I remember it being picked up earlier in this thread - there were a bunch of people in the early stages who were supposedly listed as running with Rob as support and for verification. Many of the names sounded fictitious; Andy seems to confirm this.

Andy and Kev were quite the vociferous double act for a while on this thread. Interesting that both have now folded... takes some guts to admit you f\'ed up.[/quote]

I ran with Robert during his 373 mile run.

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