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RE: Marcus 2

TommyTom wrote:

[quote]Frank Spinner wrote:

[quote]fbPost. wrote:

Rob Young Lives- fb post.

"I understand Skins' decision to focus their attention elsewhere moving forward. Whilst not necessarily agreeing entirely with the findings, I respect the conclusions of the investigators and the process undertaken by Skins. I left the UK intent on giving everything I had to break the Race Across USA record, and hopefully some of the images posted throughout, showed the torture I put my body through. Whilst running to break the record, I was also running on behalf of charities close to my heart, and to inspire youngsters to run. Indeed some of the support I had from local communities whilst in the US was overwhelming. I admittedly made mistakes with the data management and recordings, but never did I cheat. And I will set out to prove that next year with as much scrutiny as is required when I compete in the 6 day race in New York and thereafter seek to break the record for Race Across USA. I want to thank Michael and Dusty for their assistance in crewing me, and all those who supported me throughout. I will never give up."

The legend lives on. Providing oxygen to this thread ad infinitum.

Let's face it - it would be awesome entertainment if he had another crack at the transcon.

Great times. I'm genuinely glad if he doesn't quit.[/quote]

I think they made a mistake in focusing on the cadence. He can just say, like he did here, "I'm not good at the technology" and "sometimes I left the TomTom in the RV while I ran alongside".

Maybe he thinks he really can do it. And when he fails, he will have given it his all for the children in spite of a grave injury that would have caused any mere mortal to quit earlier.

Always for the children.[/quote]

They did the right thing in focusing in the cadence. Liars are going to lie regardless. There is not set of proofs that this liar would not have made an excuse for.

His public statement is utterly pathetic and anybody with half a brain can see the diversion and attempt to salvage his "brand" instead of addressing his cheating. Hilarious that he thinks that statement will "put it behind him"

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