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RE: Maybe we won't have to wait until Sunday?

Investigator wrote:

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I've been 100% convinced he cheated and this was a scam since June. I don't have a TomTom watch or use cadence. I'm just trying to figure out how the cadence registered anything. Does the watch measure cadence by armswing? Or is there a footpod? How sensitive is the device that measures it?

The screenshot posted shows cadence vs. "session". Presumably, most sessions included both some RV riding and some running. Hence, the low averages. If one "session" was 4 hours long, and contained 1 hour of running at 180 and 3 hours of riding at 0, then the cadence for that session would be 45 (180 + 0 + 0 + 0 / 4).

Also, it may be likely that with no good cadence signal to latch on to, the watch detects some bumps on the road and such and still reports a minimal cadence in the RV. That is pure conjecture though.[/quote]

That's what I would have guessed, that the cadence sensor and algorithm have a hard time distinguishing between signal and noise when the signal it is expecting is so different than what it is detecting. A big hulking RV is going to have some wobble going on anyway, and that could be picked up as signal.

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