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Dustin Hoffman
RE: Mr. Renato Canova: Could You Please Answer a Question About Effective Ways to Improve the Lactate Threshold?
Frank and KnutK, your posts are clearly written and interesting, thankyou.

However, at the moment it is hard to go away with some sort of "take home message" with respect to improving one's training.

Firstly, Knut K has written a great post about the training he did to run 27-40 odd for 10k. This seemed to consist of a lot miles (100-140 miles per week) run at relatively easy speeds - about 7mins per mile for most runs. Then Frank has commmented that KnutK perhaps did too much hard interval training. I guess that this was in some sort of specialised period just prior to his track races which has not been poste but maybe I have missed something in this massive thread.

Secondly, Frank is advocating running hard day in, day out, only running easily when you actually feel tired - "Near specific race speed". For middle distances (800m-1500m)I wonder how this is possible but I am guessing that Frank is referring to more of "anaerobic threshold training" day in day out. I think that the confusion lies in the fact that many people seem to have rather different definitions of what intensity "anerobic threshold training" really is (it seems to vary from marathon pace to 10 k pace according to various people), and also that this intensity may vary drastically depending on the condition of the runner but it would be helpful if we could have some sort of clarification. On the face of it, from what I understand this seems to be very much in line to what Arthur Lydiard advocated - "fast aerobic running" day in day out in the build up phase.

Finally, Ne-now has pointed out that runners such as Dieter Baumann ran in fact easily for most of their basic training with just a few specific workouts each week. I guess this seems to be more in line with what Renato/Antonio have been discussing.

Different strokes for different folks ?

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