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George Hirsch
RE: Steve Magness exploded against Almaz Ayana on twitter

HRE wrote:

Crying wolf seems to be all that's left. When you have every agency that's supposed to control doping in the sport run by people whose concern is preserving the sport's image and taking bribes rather than identifying and removing cheaters the only recourse I can see is to make so much noise about the issue that the people concerned more with preserving the sport's image see that they've failed to do so and that the only way to restore the image is to go ahead and actually identify and remove PED users.

I don't know how much time you've spent on this board, but for years we've had people here asking, maybe even demanding, that people in the sport who know what's going on say something. Now that's begun happening and the counterpoint is "Prove it," or "S/he is just an attention whore."

Where Magness is clearly right is that there is NO trust. If there was we wouldn't have these sorts of discussions. Yes, it's unfair if this was a legitimate performance but that's not Magness' fault and he's making a legitimate point that many others who know the sport well are making..

Crying wolf is all that's left? What are you talking about? There is a lot going on to try and improve things. Just because it hasn't been cleared up yet doesn't mean it's hopeless. I sat in the stadium and watched the Soviet Union imperiously march in to the Olympic stadium in 1952 when the Cold War was darker than dark. One could not have imagined we would ever get out of the global stalemate short of nuclear conflict. But 1989 came. In sport, I saw the days in the 1970s when top officials would stay in beautiful hotels and our best athletes would stare a tub in a flea bag hotel. People said "track will be amateur forever." But that era came to an end. People once said you could never overturn the divine right of kings. If you are going to get out of bed in the morning, you have a responsibility to acknowledge the people who are working to change things for the better. Lamine Diack was an absolute fcking crook--but there are people in the sport working very hard to make this sport better. Steve Magness is not among them.

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