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RE: Why does letstrun hate NOP
Can you not read? Why would I hate Rodgers or anyone for making a living from the sport just because I think it was a better sport when it was amateur? More power to him as to anyone who manages to make a living doing something they like.

Of course there have never been level playing fields. That doesn't mean you need to go out of your way to exacerbate discrepancies. But that's not the main reason why I dislike NOP and that approach.

One of the main justifications for having sports, going back to Ancient Greece, has been that it makes people better; fitter, healthier, happier, develop character, etc. I think NOP's approach tramples on that sort of thing. Let's look at NOP and the infamous yet currently legal thyroid medicines that turn up there as an example.

If you are taking thyroid meds because there's something wrong with your thyroid gland and you need the medicine to function normally I think that's fine. But if you're taking thyroid medicine because you're run too much and/or too hard the answer as far as I'm concerned is to run less and easier. If the response is to take some sort of medicine that overrides your natural response to as much running as you've done so you can keep running that much or that hard I think that's wrong. And from what I can tell, that's the justification they give for using that sort of thing.

Doesn't bother you? You like that they put performances above health? That's fine. It's not going to change my mind.

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