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RE: Why does letstrun hate NOP

NOP-E wrote:

I personally dislike the NOP because I think that morally speaking, they are cheaters. Salazar knows exactly where the line is, and he will go right up to it, and even step on the actual line.

The thing about cheating, not rule-wise, but morally, is that it is an undue advantage. The third world can go and train hard and succeed, but your average Kenyan rising through the ranks to become world-class cannot afford all the doctor visits and tue drugs that the NOP takes full advantage of. It's not a level playing field. Some idiots will say that it isn't a level playing field to begin with, because they were not born at altitude, didn't pick the right parent, etc. Those are factors that can't be managed, and no governing body could ever manage them.

There is comradery that comes with competition, but if people aren't competing on equal terms, that comradery is lost. In a nutshell, that's why a lot of people don't like the NOP, in particular Rupp. I'm not a Rupp hater, but I can at least recognize that people dislike Rupp for reasons other than that he wins all the time, aka jealousy.

Your argument sounds similar to the people who doubt the moon landing.

Is everyone really "in on it"? Like all of the testers, WADA, USADA, Nike, Coaches, Athletes, Lab Technicians, Employees...indeed, EVERYONE???

Plotting a giant scheme to hide rampant blood infusions and testosterone? So that you, the loyal, righteous, and logical fan cannot take the sport seriously? Really? That's what you're basing your argument on?

Is everyone in on it? According to you, yes. But I just want to get your statement on the record: is everyone plotting against you?

Or could it be - like they say in the movie Finding Forrester - .....could Galen and Centro truly be that good?

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