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RE: Why does letstrun hate NOP

A Typical LRC A-hole wrote:

[quote]HRE wrote:

What I always loved about this sport was its simplicity. We used to say all you needed were some shoes and shorts, maybe sweatpants at times of the year, and you could make yourself as good a runner as possible. So I hate all the high tech stuff NOP does, legal or not, and I can't get really excited when any of them do well.

Nice attitude for a hobby jogger who runs for fitness.

Pros should be ASHAMED not to use every resource available to them within the rules.[/quote]

Well, maybe. Truth be told, I liked the sport better when it was amateur though I'm not saying it should be again, just that I think it was better.

We have threads here now and again about Lasse Viren and whether he blood doped, something that was within the rules at the time. Those threads always have a fair few posters who'll tell you he cheated if he did despite the fact that he didn't so there is a difference in opinion on whether legality should be the ultimate determinant.. There are many people who consider altitude tents a form of cheating.

We all have our own codes. Aside from not liking NOP's secretiveness and high tech approach I don't like the effect they've had on the perception of the sport. Whatever they're doing, if it leads to the sorts of questions that have been raised about what they're doing, I think it's a bad thing.I also recognize that they don't give a crap about what I think.

And you get into the same issue with any sorts of high tech help available to some that aren't to others. Is Athlete A beating Athlete B because Athlete A is more talented and better trained or because he has thyroid meds, EPO doses that are not detectable, multi-million dollar facilities, etc.?

You can like or dislike whatever you like or dislike. Personally I've always been a fan of Jack Foster's line about never training but simply going for a run each day and Jack was far from a hobby jogger who ran only for fitness.The question on this thread is why people hate NOP and while I really don't hate much of anything, I am no fan for these reasons.

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