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RE: altitude trained runners benefit the most from EPO

fred wrote:

Coolsaet and Gillis, marathoners are not on that diagram, but they are going.

Reid Coolsaet:

"Many people ask me what day I leave for Rio and are surprised to hear I’m not leaving until August 15th. It’s an overnight flight that will put Eric and I in the village on the 16th, five days before our competition. This is good for us as we can do our hard training without the interruption of travel and once we taper take the 10 hour flight. Also, we don’t want to be in the village too long before our race as it’s a little overwhelming being immersed into the village where the Olympics are in your face 24/7. It’s nice to have time away from the big event.

Another question that comes up on Strava when I do a hard session is if that particular run was the last big one. Our biggest session will actually come next week, about 3.5 weeks before the race. It will consist of 80-90 minutes of continuous running close to or at marathon pace. My taper won’t truly begin until the final 10 days. After this week I’ll cut my volume down each week a little but it will still be solid until the last 10 days."

No altitude, blood testing, and its hot and humid.

I have no idea what you are talking about fred. As usual.

Did you notice in the chart that there is a runner for the US named:

Molly Muddle

(I sure hope that an Irish person is not making fun of another Irish person in this chart.)

I did not see any Olympians today fred.
Where did they go fred?

Someone told me they all went to the Olympics.

Do you know where the Olympics are and when they start?

(I hope that you also read the entire boring article I gave you to read for a good summary on this topic. Please read all 83 references as well.)

Thanks fred.

(Please note that there is zero discussion of adrenergic receptor mechanisms of action.)

I do not find that surprising.

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