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Olympic Truth
RE: Why does letstrun hate NOP

makeamericafastagain wrote:

I agree that NOP is in the grey area and does all they can to be better that's not explicitly against the rules. However, they don't fail drug tests so I will support them with a clean conscience until they do. I absolutely love their team, and they are the BEST team here in the US.

Galen Rupp is the GOAT American distance runner and Centro is up there for greatest American miler.

Here is my problem, nobody supports them or backs them the way we should. They rag on them for the doping allegations and always try to talk smack. The Bekele brothers and Haile G. are WORSHIPPED in Ethiopia and David Rudishia is a GOD in Kenya. Mo Farah is 2nd to only Jesus himself in the UK and the United States should treat Galen and the rest of NOP the same way.

These country's respect their superstars that put their country's on the map...I swear if Galen wins the marathon in a couple weeks or Centro wins the 1500 and all that is on this forum is people talking smack about our nations GOATs I will be so furious.

You guys are a shameful "fan base" and pathetic Americans...and if you talk smack about NOP on this forum behind your screens, you better not be wetting your pants when you see them in person.

I will tell any athlete any time (elites) they are using drugs. And have. You are pathetic for not doing some research and realizing track while a great sport at the elite level is fooling people like Lance and then coming after this site. This site is just that a site with various opinoins about track. Many people here believe like I do and many don't.

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