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RE: Mr. Renato Canova: Could You Please Answer a Question About Effective Ways to Improve the Lactate Threshold?

Nobby Nomates wrote:
I was merely demonstrating to you (it's painfully obvious to everyone else) that you have neither the eduction nor the intelligence to add anything to this thread.

I enjoy reading your caustic, substanceless attacks primarily because, while simultaneously faulting me for adding nothing, you yourself DETRACT from the dicussion.

As for postulating about my education and intelligence--good luck.

In addition to being hilariously stupid, your attempt to extrapolate my educational background based on the 10-15 sentences I wrote on a running message forum lends credence to the theory that you should get yourself on TV because you are what awestruck teenage girls refer to as "my psychic."

Why don't you go back to Runner's World, everyone's a winner over there.

Unless your name is Weldon or Robert Johnson, it is difficult to see what business you have telling me to exit the board.

In truth, almost everyone at Runner's World likely is a loser being that the site attracts a preponderence of 30:00 5K "runners."

The rest of us just want to discuss high-level athletics and are honest enough to know that 16:50 is a mediocre, and makes no judgement on the effort which an athlete puts out to achieve it.

I'm glad that you feel sufficiently qualified to tell everyone else on the board what they think and to qualify that your opinion--and only your opinion--is "honest."

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