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trying to catch up
RE: Executive Summary
Whew. Had to catch up quite a few days and several hundred posts. Several thoughts.

1. Awesome analysis by so many. The lane closure in AZ. The buttonhooks. The overlapping bike and run gps video. The plagiarism. And much more. Great analysis.

2. I would like to look at any data from the first day very closely. Michael and Dustin allegedly didn't know RY had started until 2.5 hours into the run. That should've been enough time to get him up the Santa Ana Bike Trail on a bike and then he starts "running" through Riverside. I doubt he pulled a 70 or 80 mile run the first day because that seems to be too close to his max distance for a stand-alone day. RY could get away with biking on a bike path for 20 or 30 miles because it wouldn't look out of place. Is there a strava link for me to examine the first day?

3. Still not sure what to think about when Michael joined the scam or why. According to the skins website, one of Michael's primary duties was data. The data is so convoluted and duplicate and slapdash and missing gaps that he had to know from early on. It wasn't just done while Michael slept. Maybe he thought, "It's for charity so it's close enough, and nobody will ever care or know." Or maybe he thought, Frank G's record was not really legit so it really didn't matter. (I'm sure RY had at least googled Frank G's record and possibly read the book "46 Days.")

4. I very much like the choice of Roger Pielke and Ross Tucker. Neither of them are going to risk losing the reputations of their jobs and careers by giving RY any benefit of a doubt on this. I think the cumulative evidence is so overwhelming that RY cheated that they will come to the same conclusion. I've read Tucker's stuff for years and he does some great micro-analysis of all kinds of different athletic and endurance feats. In fact, I expect them to find more smoking guns than have already turned up in this thread. (Please don't take that the wrong way as if lrc posters haven't done good work, it's just that Tucker excels on micro analysis of athletic feats.) I have a feeling the 2 of them will demand to see the actual TomTom data with HR and cadence because their reputations will be on the line and they will want the absolute strongest case to support their conclusion.

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