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RE: Robert Young fakes run across America

Just finished a 64 mile run wrote:
Does anyone have the capability to check how long the watch stopped prior to the carwash CCTV in Emporia in the strava data (near mile 4.3 I believe)?

According to their paces, the tracker and watch appear be together after starting at the same point from a long break. They appear to stay together up until about 0.6 mi west of the CCTV, where we have the final tracker point before the increment where the RV drives past the camera. The data actually make it look like the watch gets to that point before the RV, but I think that's just an artifact of the 12 min increments of the tracker. The watch passes the CCTV about 8 min after that point 0.6 mi west, and the RV would likely make it about 3-4 min after that point. If RY didn't break for about 5 minutes before the CCTV, it doesn't seem like he's the person in the infamous yeti video.

There's also a buttonhook in the strava data just 0.2 mi west of the CCTV, right before the watch drops to walking pace. If that is RY getting out of the RV, the stopping break would have to occur right there and be maybe 7+ minutes for him to get separated from the RV by 9 minutes.

Here is the plot of the Emporia arrival, including stopped time (generated with GoldenCheetah software):

The only real non-moving times is about a minute after the 15-minute RV-riding section ends. Then it's ~5 minutes of walking, ~10 of running, ~5 walking, with the buttonhook not obviously occurring near anything RV-related (maybe he saw something shiny on the ground?) Then walking steadily, past the car wash, for some 35 minutes before stopping for a minute at a house's front door, and shortly after, 10 minutes of stoppage at Mary's Place.

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