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RE: Brief overview

Here is your summary wrote:

Read the entire thread. What a story. Here is how I think you package it for maximum non-expert understanding:

1. RY does dishonest things like buying fake twitter and facebook followers and claiming to have professional cycling experience.
2. People became suspicious when his early trip postings seemed unrealistically fast and included activities like playing football and making a side-trip to the grand canyon, and his pictures didn't look like someone breaking a grueling endurance record.
3. People who tried to meet him unannounced found the RV but not RY running.
4. RY refused to upload the TomTom watch data which would show his cadence and HR to verify his effort.
5. When a group of veteran ultrarunners showed up to watch him in person, he was unable to produce anything like his previous performances, in a far easier section of the country, and medically collapsed after a few days of effort and terminated his attempt.
6. RY and team have still refused to share the core TomTom watch data, instead uploading incomplete manually edited data to Strava, and even their cooked data shows a clear division between realistic segments of mixed effort run-walking, and unrealistic segments of smooth fast travel at a pace far beyond what RY is capable of, based on extensive documentation of his publicly verified results.

To summarize, multiple sources of evidence consistently demonstrate both deliberate cheating during the early Western portion of his trip, and an organized effort to conceal the cheating once questions were raised. If they were being honest, they would have shared the TomTom data as soon as questions were asked during the trip. When the Geezers showed up to watch them in person, they fell apart and the attempt ended.

Case closed to any reasonable person.

There are many other supporting details about fabrications in his previous history, individually impossible segments of GPS data, questions about many of his other claimed achievements, and lots else, but the core narrative of "RY rode in an RV to cheat on his WR attempt and he and his team lied about it" is indisputable without willful blindness to the evidence.

Great summary. I'm convinced.

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