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RE: Come on...

Skins problem wrote:

[quote]Sloetry in Motion wrote:

[quote]noobrunner wrote: It is mind blowing to me that the RV driver completely lost him for a good 6 miles and had to be called back to find him?! Did they forget that he wasn't in the RV? Did the driver at the time seriously think he could run 6 minute miles for that long?

It makes perfect sense when you take into account that for large chunks of the "run" the driver didn't have to keep a constant check in the rearview for RY. Why not? Because Rob was in the RV.

I can't think of any other scenario in which it is likely that someone who had been pacing a runner in a vehicle for a thousand miles suddenly loses track of the runner for an extended period. It only makes sense if the driver was used to driving at running speeds without keeping an eye on a runner.[/quote]

Good point. Yet somebody said way back in this thread that one of the Guinness WR requirements was that the runner be in front of the support vehicle at all times (besides having witnessed log books and 10 minutes of video per day). Maybe Rob had dispensation from this requirement due to the need to run in the shade of the RV. Laz observed him running/walking all over the road. But if you are actually running/walking at night, wouldn't it be safer to be in front of the RV?[/quote]

As was said repeatedly earlier in the thread, we don't KNOW what Guineas required for RY, this 'fact' was extrapolated from rules sent to a female runner for some other attempt (possibly not even a TransCon). I'm sure someone said they were contacting Guinness for a copy of what Rob was told, can't remember who. I might email them myself today if I get time.

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