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RE: Come on...

Synonymous wrote:

[quote]Asher Delmott wrote:
This stuff has been mentioned before, but it would be nice to have a graphic on it.

People might have something in the browser cache. It's a little tedious, but some of the more tech-savvy could do it if they're still in the cache.

Also, something else: has anyone made a systematic check of the gaps? If the gaps are suspected of being deleted as incriminating, then it would seem comparison of elapsed position/timestamp working from the last data point in one set to the first in the next should give you a smoking gun somewhere.[/quote]

People might have what in the cache?

Yes I think quantifying what is "missing" would be cool. If we make a Strava activity of his entire RV ride, will all the runs show up on fly-by?

I think the "gap" analysis may be unfruitful due to breaks. For example, we know he didn't run unsupported in the desert that day of the RV breakdown, but a simple analysis of: Point X: 8:15AM ----> Point Y (35 miles away): 8:00PM is not going to look suspicious. We only know from a blog photo when he actually got to Point Y, not just when he started again from there.

But in general it would be cool to do those pace histograms for: "RV KML data that does not have accompanying Strava data" and see how that shakes down. Probably pretty fast I'd guess...

I'm not sure how to do this, maybe some of the whizs out there can help. I can try to convert all of Rob's GPX files to CSV, then bring those into the KML spreadsheet - then... step 3: profit? The only thing I can think, is for each KML point, check if its close to a GPS point, and if so, discard it? Seems insane to brute force a check of every GPS point though. Maybe check against points that day? Let me know if someone can do it and I'll supply a CSV file of all the GPS points. I just tried making one and it's got too many rows for Excel, but if split into a couple or few files it may work.

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