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RE: Come on...

Asher Delmott wrote:

[quote]team1.kml wrote:

What do you think the 22:22 8-miler corresponds to?

I'm still not completely understanding the significance for this part? Can't he just claim he left the watch on in the RV when he swapped it out for the other one? Happened when the RV broke down too - he left one watch running.

I see what you are saying. I was thinking the 8-miler is his actual run/walk through Emporia while the 35-miler is data from the RV. If they are happening concurrently, he can't claim that 35 miler as him running. I guess he could just say the gps was left on in the RV, but it wasn't him running, so he decided not to upload it. In that case we are still just left with a lack of gps data for the Lebo area.

It is curious why the TomTom shows 8.15 miles but the strava run only shows 6.6 miles.

I'm still working on matching the TomTom data with the tracker in case there is any valuable information there, and I might add strava data after that so it is all in one spot.[/quote]

The timing for the first part of that 6.6mi would put him at Sunnyslope about 8 - 9 minutes after the RV would have passed through, so that supports him being the guy in the video. It is mind blowing to me that the RV driver completely lost him for a good 6 miles and had to be called back to find him?! Did they forget that he wasn't in the RV? Did the driver at the time seriously think he could run 6 minute miles for that long? He manages two 6:00s and then a pair of 8:00s before having to walk... The problem they have here is that after the RV comes back to him, they jump right back out there at 6:00 flat pace again for another 20 miles. So apparently that bar sold him some good recovery juice.

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