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RE: Come on...

Asher Delmott wrote:

Can someone make one of those map graphics for the Lebo section?

The TomTom screen shots show a 35.18 mile run starting at 22:10 and lasting 5:27:42 (so ending 3:38). Using the tracker to estimate start and stop points for this run, Rob started near road E just west of Emporia, and ended just west of Iris road a few miles west of Lebo. Google maps shows this as approximately 26 miles. That means the TomTom should show about 26 miles for that segment. It shows 35 miles because the RV had to backtrack approximately 6 miles (adding a total of 12 to the distance), so if the TomTom was on the RV, it would travel approximately 38 miles. Give a little margin for error because the tracker only goes every 12 minutes, and we are pretty close to the 35 miles on the GPS, and a lot closer than Rob would have been if he were wearing the watch.

This stuff has been mentioned before, but it would be nice to have a graphic on it. Combining the TomTom screenshot, RV Tracker, lack of Strava data, eye witness account, and video footage for this section of the run, it seems like the case for Rob cheating the Lebo section is pretty incriminating.

Quick observation -- looks like the dummys finally figured out that the strava segments didn't match the TomTom MySports screenshots they posted awhile back and removed the whole set of screenshots from the MarathonManUK Facebook page.

In any case, here's the segment you are talking about:

TomTom MySports screenshot: (Times are EST) - 35.18 miles starting at 22:10 EST, taking 5:27:42.

Strava segment: (cropped t20 minutes at the beginning and cropped 3 hrs, 55 minutes at the end, chopping off the Lebo part.

Here's a backup of the Strava segment (unfortunately, doesn't include the cropped part):

Putting these together with the Desert Analysis, I'll bet there's a lot of really bad sub-sections where we can take the differences in distance traveled vs differences in elapsed time on the strava vs. the TomTom screenshots and identify all the places they had to manually crop the strava segments...

Speaking of which, just to make this clear...

Altering Strava segments is a MANUAL process. They did not have the sophistication probably to alter the GPX files before uploading them to strava. They downloaded them as GPX from the TomTom website one at a time, then as they uploaded them, had to take the effort on all of the mismatched segments to open up a special page in strava and drag a slider bar from the beginning or the end of a segment or the end of a segment in order to modify these. Very much a manual process.

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