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RE: Come on...

executive summary wrote:

[quote]1 2 3 green wrote:

It should not be necessary for us to "present" the evidence. We gathered the evidence, cataloged it in a easy to use document, and handed it over. The "independent analyzers" should be able to take that and... analyze it. If they still come to the conclusion you predict, then they were either not independent, or not competent.

A simplified presentation like you are talking about is what's needed to convince Mrs. HalfMary Hobbyjogger on facebook, not a panel of experts.

"Panel of experts"? You're dreaming. The guys set to look at this will neither be independent nor competent. And very far from experts. Welcome to the real world.

Who do you want to convince? What's the goal of all this? Isn't it to convince the world that RY is a cheater? And who is a better representative of this world than who you condescendingly refer to as Mrs. HalfMary Hobbyjogger?

Skins's CEO is way more in tune with the global running community than a bunch of running data nerds. What he thinks can convince Mrs. HalfMary Hobbyjogger (or more correctly: what will convince Mrs. HalfMary to buy more SKINS products) will be the outcome of this.

People should understand that there's no independent panel of experts. There will at most be a couple of people who will tell Mr Fuller what's best for his business. And they will take into consideration Mr Fuller's own point of view. You can maximize your chances of convincing Mr Fuller and these guys, or you can hope that a messy pile of hundreds of web pages will convince them. Don't whine if it doesn't.[/quote]


Hey Guys-

Don't listen to this pompous A-hole; keep doing just what you're doing.
Keep compiling the best evidence you can (which is already pretty Goddamn good), and keep looking for more.

This Fuller dude sounds like he's probably a slime-bag himself, and was very possibly in on it from the beginning.
In any case, he clearly doesn't sound terribly interested in hearing the truth.
If he was, he would've been all over this story early on, and would've been aggressively seeking any and all info, analysis, and help from you people --instead of ignoring you, and tossing out casually dismissive insults, which is mostly what he has been doing.

If he's NOT interested in knowing the truth, as appears to very possibly be the case, then it's not gonna make much difference how you present the evidence to him,... so stop worrying so much about him.

Build the case, as you have been doing, and present it to the world through LRC, FB, the running media, etc. Eventually, it'll get picked up by mainstream media, and Robby-Boy will go down in flames.
If that takes a little longer than it should,... so what.

If the sleazy Skins CEO wants to try and prop up Robby's Ridiculous Charade, then you'll just take him down along with Robby.

You don't have to worry about convincing him (especially as he may refuse to be convinced, or may already know), you just have to keep doing what you're doing, and eventually you'll convince everyone.

You guys are doing great. You're the heroes here.
Ignore all the liars, frauds, and A-holes here and elsewhere, and for God's sake keep it up a while longer.

Great work.

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