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RE: Robert Young - British hero

TroLLminator wrote:

[quote]Rob viewer wrote:

[quote]TroLLminator wrote:

I wonder what Laz was thinking when he saw Rob struggle to do a few surges at 7min pace. He probably had a big smirk on his face. To all who have been working hard to compile evidence please keep your heads up. It will be a slow grind toward Rob's destruction. That's the best outcome actually. The more he resists coming clean the more digging there will be and the more articles, negative search results and social media fallout. He could have ended this with limited collateral damage but now he's on a long term path, like purgatory. It's been beautiful to watch and will continue to provide entertainment for months if not years to come. Thank you

The videos we have of Rob running are certainly not flattering. Most are of him walking. The one video where he was checking his watch every 15 seconds for a 1/4 mile kick was a true indicator that these 5 minute paced long runs in the mountains were pure fiction. One would think they would have video taped some of these epic runs in the mountains if their goal was to impress others.[/quote]

Either he had no idea real runners would ever scrutinize any of his claims or he just thought everyone really is that stupid to simply believe him. If I was a self promotor you bet I'd have some cool videos of myself running sub 5min pace showing the pace on the watch. Rob is a disgrace.[/quote]

Seeing as he a scrutinized another runner and calling him out for cheating on multi day run I figure he would have been better prepared for similar backlash. I guess it takes a cheater to know one.

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