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RE: Robert Young fakes run across America

RYoungFan1 wrote:

Sorry if someone already pointed this out, but think I found a great tell in the maps.

For some of the segments that start insanely fast and then end slowly, you will see a "buttonhook" pattern showing the TomTom backtracked slightly on it self. Sure appears like TomTom is in a vehicle, vehicle veers to the right and stops, watch and person get out on right side and walk towards back of the vehicle, person starts running and resumes previous track vehicle was on. Have found a couple of instances. Because of how the segments have been split it isn't always obvious when the switch occurred. Also number of instances where looks like pull over and continue on without the walk back. Either way, very straight GPS with fast miles, interruption in path, then slow miles that aren't nearly as straight as before.

See May 17 Evening Run (timestamp 8:37pm), 13th mile for clear example...

Mile 1 - 5:43
Mile 11 - 6:14
Mile 12 - 6:02
Mile 13 - 8:31 (button hook occurs towards end of mile, which makes sense with the split time)
Mile 14 - 11:42
0.3 - 20:21

Does this seem plausible based on what Laz reported about how Rob ran?? Why get out and bother running the end of this May 17 segment only to pick up and "hammer" the next segment at blistering speeds?

very interesting! As someone else noted, the tracks for RY on foot are very wobbly, and stick to the side of the road; whereas RY running 6-minute miles is very smooth and often right down the center. Smooth is probably to be expected but it's easy to pick out when you're looking for it. And yes, there's that button hook at the transitions between the wobbly and the straight lines. It's fairly easy to put together a story here. For example:

Look at mile 2.5 to 4, leaving Flagstaff, AZ, it looks like he is on foot (wobbly line), then at mile 3.0 he gets in the RV. They are still in the Flagstaff urban area, and they get a quarter of a mile, stop, then RY walks around the vehicle, gets back in, goes another half mile to 3.6, and comes up to a Cocono Travel Center (Google Streetview:, and he gets out and runs by. Then, clear as day at mile 4.0, there' a button hook, and from there on out it's quick. Pace ranges from 4:40 to 6:25 for the next two miles. And this is pretty much the start of some really epic "running" through northern Arizona...

I tried to screencap the different sections above. Probably hard to follow since they are in a different order, but hopefully it makes sense. I did a mouseover on the part of the run (bottom) that shows the pace in context with the rest of the run. When you mouseover a location in the graph on the bottom, a blue dot shows in the map view where that pace was being recorded.

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