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strava curious
RE: Robert Young fakes run across America
Someone has probably already saved this one, but here it is just in case:

1:12:54 HM, 54:23 10 mile and 50:25 15k best estimated race efforts within a 25.5 mile run after already running 56 miles that day. Dude needs to work on his endurance.

what had happened was wrote:

Correct. Strava calculates any 'award' using realtime not clock time. So if you run a mile split in 7 min but stop the clock for 3 min in the middle to do some handstands then it would be calculated as a 10 min mile for 'award' purposes.

[quote]strava curious wrote:

[quote]not a strava user wrote:

So in some of the strava data, I see "best estimated" race "efforts" (everything from mile, 2mile, half marathon, 30k, etc.). Does that mean that RY covered that distance in that run somewhere? Or is that converting 2 miles of his run uphill at altitude to its rough equivalent at sea level on a flat course?

On this 26.8 mile run on May 19 (which has since disappeared, but it's still open on my computer), Strava says "best estimated 2 mile effort" in 8:57. Does that mean he covered 2 miles in 8:57 in that run somewhere?

If so, 4:29/mile for 2 miles would be pretty impressive in a 26.8 mile run mostly uphill at altitude.

Screenshot this. I don't know if Strava requires that the run is continuous, but it would seem logical. It doesn't really make sense to say "best estimated mile effort" if you stopped your watch 15 times to rest.[/quote][/quote]

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