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RE: Another Lie From Rob Young

Asher Delmott wrote:

[quote]filmtimes wrote:

[quote]Asher Delmott wrote:
I noticed the GPS data shows a 35 mi run starting at 10:10pm (which would include Emporia and the Lebo incident), and the next run starts around 3:37am (getting ready for the film crew at 4:00am?).

The blog also talks about not getting much rest because of the film crew. Maybe that was a good excuse to ride in the RV that night.


This was posted to the UL in reference to that 35mi tomtom track on 6/4:

"I took the 35mi one as the valid track for RY himself, but after looking at it closer I am doubting the legitimacy of that. Here's how I see it from viewing the RV and the RY gps data:

RY's TOMTOM gps: 35.18mi from 10:10CT to 3:37CT

RV Onlinetracker gps: 38.56mi from 10:02CT to 3:33CT (includes some backtracking in the middle)

Where it gets interesting is that the backtracking distance in the RV tracker adds up to 6 miles.

Subtract the 6 miles of back and forth (makes 12 miles) from the RV's total distance of 38.56 to find the net distance in that time frame is 26.75mi. Putting the Start and End coordinates into Google maps shows that the *REAL* distance on roads is indeed 26.4mi, which matches perfectly

So the RY TOMTOM GPS has to be in the van for at least *some* of that stretch in order to get the extra mileage - basically proving that their TomTom data is worthless.

The second TOMTOM track started at 10:22CT and goes 8.15mi in 1:32... coincidentally it ends EXACTLY where the backtracking of the van stopped. I presume this is where they came back to get him. He stops his second TOMTOM there. Apparently does not restart it again.

There is no further TOMTOM track until the 3:37CT track that starts the exact minute after the track from the TOMTOM we knew was in the van is ended.

So where is RY's missing 18.3 miles of TomTom there? Not to mention that somewhere in there they cruised past Asher Delmott, multiple times with no one seeing RY. How come all of the most suspicious days just happen to have the most incredibly awful tomtom coverage?"[/quote]

I had been looking details about the backtracking distance, distance across Emporia, etc., but I hadn't got around to matching it with the RV tracker data. I am in the process of matching TomTom data to tracker data. (Initial data looks like Rob might have been putting in some miles while the RV tracker was off fwiw).[/quote]

Good luck, I tried to do that using my method:

It made no sense to me. The TomTom times and thumbnails don't match up. Let us know if you figure anything out.

I think was is more telling are the changing lies about this night. First, "ESPN was filming me in this section", next "oh, no what happened is we got scared, Rob was there", finally "oh Rob got dropped by the RV, if only this person [Asher] had stopped to talk he would have seen that and done us a favor".

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