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[quote]Hiro wrote: owner - how can we get in contact with you? Put an email/contact form on the blog maybe?


I do think a nice summary of confirmed lies/suspicions would be good, for general purposes and since Mr. Fuller seems to be asking for any tips. Happy to add someone as an author on there or take contributions.

Anyone know of a good free software that can do the following:

So I know we have a pastebin list of suspicious running by Robert, but I think a UI for that would be very compelling and informative. Something that could show, on the map, where are the sub 6 miles? Where are the sub 3:10 marathons?

I think Strava premium shows you best efforts for various distances during your run? Maybe GoldenCheetah?

Side note here was a nice post from the UList:

"Here's a sample of stretches from the marathon man's tracker. They are in 1
to 2 mile increments mostly, so over long periods of time they are
relatively valid for showing his pace. So on May 26 at 1:20am he decided
it's time to turn on the jets.... according to his tracker he averaged
between 9-10mph from 1:20 until 3:47 to go 22 miles in 2:27. A 3:08
marathon pace. Impressive enough by itself considering how far he had run
up to this point. But it does wear him out, so he takes a ~3 hour break
from around 3:50 to 6:50. Then he gets back out on the road and immediately
jumps up to ~9mph and runs 18 more miles at that exact same overall split,
3:08 marathon pace..... seriously. There are some slight ups/downs in the
speed, but over a 7:40 period he covers 41 miles with a 3 hour break in

That is simply phenomenal.. it would be a pretty good run on its own... but
in the context of a transcon... AMAZING!

After that he winds down and gets back to a leisurely pace mostly between 4
- 5mph with some 3mphs sprinkled in. Really burned himself up with that
stretch above. By May 28 though, he's recovered and hammers out an 8.25mi
stretch in 48 minutes before going back to mostly walking.

By the night of the 29th at 1:20am he's again recovered and does some of
his best running yet - an 18.6mi stretch in just over 2 hours, a 2:53
marathon pace! That winds him a bit so he takes 30 minutes to recover, then
back out again for another 5.25 miles in 35 minutes. Now he's really pooped
though, so 1.5 hours of rest before going back out for more. This time it's
23.6mi in 2:53, or a 3:11 marathon pace.

On the 30th at midnight, more of same thing. 18.25mi in 2:12, or 3:09
marathon pace... kind of wears him out and he slows down to finish a total
stretch of 27.1mi in 3:27, or 3:20 marathon pace. He stops for about 90
minutes to gather himself, then turns in what may be one of the greatest
all time mid-transcontinental stretches of running ever: 14.1mi in 1:24
(2:36 marathon pace, 1:18 half). INCREDIBLE!!!!!! But it does kind of wear
on him to go that hard, as he needs another 30 minute break after this
before jumping back out there and logging another 9.8 miles in 1:16, or a
3:24 marathon pace.

But he's not done yet, now he is really hitting his stride. On the 31st at
1am, another great section of running yields 19.4 miles in just under 2
hours (2:40 marathon pace).... man I hope he's recording these splits in
his logs, he may set a new marathon PR on this transcon! How can he say
he's not as good as Yiannis, this is some of the most unbelievable great
running in history!

In total over that 5 day 2 hour period, he covered 388.76 miles, or 76
miles per day, by the strategy of burst running ~3 marathon pace for 20-40
miles every day and then walk/jogging the additional 30-55 left over.
Which sounds exactly like what every noob multiday runner thinks they'll do
but quickly finds out is suicidal.... but this guy is clearly something

Wow. I did not see these splits until now. These are excellent examples of IMPOSSIBLE. Can we get this information to the Guardian?

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