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RE: Robert Young fakes run across America

GaitAnalyzer wrote:

[quote]GaitAnalyzer wrote:

[quote]can't think of a catchy name wrote:

I realize I am waaay late to this thread. I am curious why this point has not come up yet. When I watched the video of the runner/crack whore in the car wash video, my first impression was "that's not him, the gait's not right." I realize that it's tough comparing running style to walking style, but I felt like the person in the tape toed out while they walked, while RY ran with toes straight or the right foot toed slightly in. Anyone with experience in running form analysis with thoughts on this?

Yeah we all know that is either a crack whore or a 70 year old with 2 hips and 2 knees replaced. Looks like quite the limp. And effeminate arm swing. And looks like very baggy sweatshirt/pants.

In summary, not a man in the middle of a 35 mile 9/min pace run as his TomTom screenshot claims...[/quote]

Their explanation is also totally laughable. First, they say in a video, and to media, that Rob was there when Asher approached, but they got scared and drove away, then started running again. Nevermind Asher then took ANOTHER video where Rob is still missing.

Then, Asher posts the surveillance video online. RY's team can't keep the timeline straight, and say:

"Though this individual has posted video footage of our vehicle online as he drove past, for some reason he felt unwilling to ask us to stop, to enquire where Rob was when he couldn't see him. If he had done so he would have been welcomed in and been able to discover the facts. ...the driver ... failed to notice this signal to stop. The result? Rob is left stranded and the RV continues on assuming Rob to be back there running. This was what happened in Emporia.

The accuser then went to the trouble of getting CCTV footage from that night, from a local gas station, in order to back up his claim of impropriety. His post of the RV cruising slowly past without Rob in sight was supposedly proof that Rob was in the RV, rolling towards NYC without running those miles. If only the individual had the courage to stop our vehicle to find out for himself instead of being so furtive. I know Michael would have appreciated finding out that he had lost Rob and the individual could have learned the truth and seen it with his own eyes."

These were 2 separate incidents, and they have confused their excuses and think it was one. "Rob was left behind" is not a valid excuse for Asher, if it JUST happened in Emporia.[/quote]

Wow another completely laughable lie:

Markus astutely questioned the Emporia section:

Rob replied:


Yeah, turns out a certain someone named ASHER DELMOTT (and Mr. G's [what up Mr. G] car wash) were actually the ones doing the filming, which was not revealed yet. ESPN my ass.

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