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reading between the lines
RE: SKINS values?

Not inspired wrote:

Today's post from Jamie Fuller, SKINS chairman.


Read between the lines. The post was not about golf, but about Robert Young. A carefully crafted essay to say, he's backing Robert Young. He's addressing the issue of Robert Young and indicating his response without trying to throw gas on the fire.

Jamie Fuller: "I’m not ‘in’ to golf in a big way but I’m enough of a sports fanatic to admire the values that golf brings to sport. Discipline, self-regulation, integrity, respect for the rules. It helps set golf apart from other sports. A bit like the SKINS brand! When a professional golfer says he or she did not address the ball, I believe them."

= When my Skins-sponsored runner Robert Young says he is running across America, I believe him.

The PGA officials were "amateur hour" = online critics of Robert Young

Dustin the golfer's overcoming 2 year struggle with drugs = Robert Young rise from abuse and couch potato.

Jamie Fuller: "As Dustin said when he was informed of the USGA’s intervention at the twelfth tee: 'Just focus on this next shot. I tried to do that from there, all the way to the house.'"

= Robert Young needs to forget about the transcon debacle and move on to the next running challenge.

In other words, that was nothing but a carefully crafted allegory to say Fuller is believing Robert Young and leaving the questions behind and continuing to support Robert Young.

The problem is that there is too much evidence (video, data, spreadsheets, maps, graphics, and Young's inability to do what he claimed) to indicate Young was cheating and is lying.

If there was video of Dustin tapping the ball (which there isn't, but if there was), and Dustin claimed he didn't touch the ball, would you still believe him, Jamie?

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