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Monday Track Talk
RE: So if Farah is dirty for associating with Aden, does that make Salazar/NOP clean?

Metric Miler wrote:

The intelligence of some posters seriously makes me quesrion why I come to these forums sometimes.[quote]doot doot wrote:

[quote]Rupp in the clear? wrote:

Why venture off from a successful doping program to double dip in another doping program?

This could be good news for NOP, Rupp, Centro, Salazar, right?

The grey area isn't potent enough for Slow Farah.

He needs that hard stuff.

(Not saying Salazar is certainly clean. But he also wasn't popped with EPO and used needles in a drug raid.)[/quote]

You know literally anyone can just buy EPO off the internet and it will be delivered to their house in the post. Injecting it under the skin is a doddle too. Meeting up with Jama Aden once a year is an extremely risky and pointless way of doping.

How long do you guys seriously think the effects of EPO last? A few shots in winter whilst training in Ethiopia will last you until Rio?[/quote]

Once a year? Winter of 2015 Mo was with Aden (sharing the same hotel) during their training block in Ethiopia for multiple weeks. He goes and runs a WR 2mi. directly afterwards and Abdi discusses how he's "never seen anyone training at such intensity and volume at altitude before." Then after all the Salazar scandal hits he heads to France.. Just so happens that Aden goes to Spain/France to do another altitude stint at the same time. Farah deflects some of the 2015 issues with training next to Drioch by claiming he wasn't aware who he was even though pictures have him training together as far back as 2012. Now it's 2016 and again Farah spends the winter with Aden and again goes to France the exact same time as Aden. That's almost 4 months of the year by June that they are in the same location. With more digging Letsrun can probably find more times where he has spent months with Aden over the years.

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